13 Dead Dreams of “Eugene”

X-Files meets The Twilight Zone… in the dark! Award-winning Off-Broadway shadow puppet folk musical!

3 thoughts on “13 Dead Dreams of “Eugene”

  1. The “13 Dead Dreams of Eugene”, was a truly unique experience.

    Filled with captivating and disturbing tales, this shadow puppet experience follows a ghost named Eugene by exploring the dreams he gives people around the world, in search of his identity.

    However while most scenes produce a feeling of fear and interest, some drag on and cause great disinterest. One aspect about the horror show that could of been without, would be the weird songs that were added late into the story. It also should be mentioned that while the event is parental guidance, it has mature themes.

    Besides the negative factors, co-creators Erika Kate MacDonald and Paul Strickland have build a quite decent amateur show. The props, while cheap are creative and the acting is on point at most.

    It’s not a show for all but, if you are indeed a person who takes joy in little silly, scary stories, this one is right down your ally.


    Oliver (Royal MTC Teen Critic)

  2. Amazing, really drew me in!
    Brilliant performance and a really creepy story. Highly recommended!
    Also, for those who know what ASMR is, I had tingles throughout the performance.

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