35MM: A Musical Exhibition

In 35mm, each photo creates a unique song, a story behind a moment frozen in time, a glimmer of a life unfolding.

7 thoughts on “35MM: A Musical Exhibition

  1. Opening night jitters combined with technical difficulties led to a rough start… but the cast and crew rose to the challenge. This song cycle combined a multimedia feast for the eyes and vocal harmonies to soothe the soul. Featuring moments in time: love, loss, trauma, and everything in between. Life is like a photograph… blink and you’ll miss it.

  2. 35mm was an excellent show, the cast perform and sing at a high level across the board. The song cycle style of show was something new and fun, getting to see and hear 16 different songs about the human condition was a fresh and exciting concept. I would highly recommend the show!

  3. I saw a preview before their run and let me tell you. Carlyn Graff-Czehryn is a powerhouse and s truly gifted talent. Johanna Reinberg is an exceptional performer and director. Rainbow Stage’s Josh Bellan gave us a small taste of what I can’t wait to see. Vincenzo Alberto, same thing, I’ve heard he’s great. Alex Menac is right up their with Alex Brightman and I can’t WAIT to see the full thing. Backed up by the amazing Julian Vanderput and managed by Maddie Hanton? Are you kidding me. These guys are all phenominal performers and you’d be silly not to check them out. I can’t express it enough! I’ll be back to review when I actually see the show on Sunday 2:45. BE THERE!

  4. I saw a preview at Spikey Love the Fringe. It blew my breath away. Even with technical difficulties with Spikey’s piano provided, the team sounded and worked like a group of Winnipeg’s professional artists.

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