A Girl in the Fridge

While her boyfriend fights crime, Eve writes for her life. Sadly, the comic book is already inked and the fridge is cold.

2 thoughts on “A Girl in the Fridge

  1. As a graphic novel fan, can ‘t say I share her views on the role of women in them but she presents her case well, in a very entertaining format. An hour well spent.

  2. This is a great pick for those interested in feminism, comic books, or both. The concept is built around the idea of ‘fridging’, a term which came emerged in 1999 to label the women who were sacrificed to drive the male superhero’s stories forward. It’s a really interesting concept and this show tried to explore more of it. However, that can be difficult to do in the span of less than an hour while also trying to deliver in the structure of a story. I was enjoying this show and then was shocked when it seemed to end suddenly without conclusion – but with this concept, is there really a definitive conclusion that could satisfy an audience? I would recommend this one for those interested in the ideas.

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