A Man Walks Into A Bar

A tense and funny examination of gender and power. Have you heard this one before?

4 thoughts on “A Man Walks Into A Bar

  1. A disturbing look at male-female dynamics. Sometimes uncomfortable. If you don’t mind a serious play, this is worth seeing.

  2. This show is a brilliant look at the complex gender dynamics in the service industry. Blair’s script takes a subtle but powerful approach to the rituals and instincts women develop to keep themselves safe, and the lengths we’ll go to, to not appear rude to potentially innocent Nice Guys. A definite must-see, especially if you’re a woman who’s ever worked as a server.

  3. Amazing, top notch actors – intense, at times painful to watch -it is so believable. It is so right on topic of the complex female/male dynamic that permeates society. Highly recommended for those who want a jolt of seriousness.

  4. I don’t even want to say too much about this one. It was funny, then not, then very intense. If I were to recommend one show out of the 17 I’ve seen so far, this is it. A true must-see.

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