Aaron Malkin: Dandelion

5 STARS, “Jaw-dropping physicality and spot-on comedic timing.” From 20x Best of Fest winner and Canadian Comedy Award winner.

4 thoughts on “Aaron Malkin: Dandelion

  1. I was absolutely shocked to find a mostly empty theatre for this show. I honestly expected it to be sold out. You don’t know what you’re missing, Winnipeg! I blame Monday. It’s actually sad, because Malkin is absolutely masterful in his crowd-work, able to draw you in and encourage audience participation without it ever feeling forced or awkward. He is sweet and smart and funny and sincere and able to express and elicit a wide range of emotions to great effect with what seems like very little effort. Walking out of the show afterwards, I had a very warm and fuzzy feeling, like I’d just had a conversation with a rarely-seen friend. My only wish would be for more cute pics and videos of that tubby little baby!

  2. Absolutely captivating, touching, and laugh-out-loud hilarious! The sensitivity and openness Malkin shares onstage is wonderful to watch, it reminded me why I became a performer. A MUST see.

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