Join the adventures of ALADDIN in this unique adaptation of the classic tale, filled with humour and AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION!

12 thoughts on “ALADDIN

  1. This is a children’s theatre show through-and-through. Over-the-top characters, a fantastical story, a healthy dose of goofy and imaginative audience participation make it clear that Merlyn Productions knows how to reach their target market. There were solid performances by Merlyn mainstays and newcomers alike, but it was Isaiah Sudlow’s physical theatre that stole the show on more than one occasion.

  2. We saw the show on Saturday and I will start by saying that my 8-year old enjoyed every second of this show (and so did I…)! Lots of giggles and the audience was really engaged. Kudos to the cast for captivating the little ones attention for a whole hour. On a side note, as I have been reading a few not-so-nice comments (not even reviews!) from some frustrated people trashing the show for having an all-white cast. I will set the record straight: those people have obviously not seen the show as the cast is NOT all-white. Also, this show is a play within a play: a family of European (Italian?) travelers decides to do the “Aladdin” play. There is absolutely nothing to be upset about. Don’t let those nasty comments influence your judgment. In my opinion, reviews from actual patrons are the ones that matter. My recommendation is: GO SEE THIS SHOW!

  3. This is offensive. Full stop. White Aladdin is an embarrassing take on a story that was never theirs to begin with from a company that has done yellowface in the past.
    If you spend money on this show you are complicit

    • Same would apply if an Arabian cast played Shakespeare, and yet it’s happened. Your so-called « review » makes zero sense. You are judging a show you have not even seen (or so it seems). This is not the purpose of this PATRONS reviews page.

      • What do you mean double standard? You’re comparison is based on reverse racism, a construct built by settlers to feel marginalized when in reality all they want is empathy and a spotlight.

    • okay Maria you got me. Thank you for educating us on what counts as racist! Happy Fringe 🙂

  4. My 6 year old daughter and I really enjoyed seeing this classic story of Aladdin. The performers had a lot of energy and enthusiasm. It was an entertaining and engaging show! Would recommend , esp for kids age 5-10.

  5. Our 6 year old boy gave it a 5 star; our 7 year old boy gave it 4; us grown ups are giving it a 3. You know who the target audience is 🙂

    • Producing a show portraying white actors as Arabic individuals is racist and wrong – It’s equivalent to doing blackface. This needs to be taken into consideration by the company going forwards. This is not acceptable. Others have spoken out against this as witnessed on the home page. Enough is enough.

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