Almost, Maine

The most-produced play in North America explores themes of love, loss and the search for human connection, in the fictional town of Almost, Maine.

3 thoughts on “Almost, Maine

  1. This was so sweet! Every single performer was gifted both musically and in acting. Each vignette offered fully developed characters and real emotional pay off.

  2. The strength of this play is the young ensemble cast — a larger than normal group for a Fringe production — that takes the viewer through a series of heart-warming and heart-wrenching vignettes, delivered with poignancy, gusto and humour in generous doses in all the right moments. Arrive early or buy advance tickets because the show has been selling out consistently and the venue capacity is 40.

  3. I saw this show when Youth Acting Conservatory first mounted it back in April and, at the time, I felt it was the best show I had seen all year. Seeing it again last night, with a few cuts and a couple new faces, I still felt the same way. Even with the surprise factor gone, the jokes still made me laugh, the emotional moments moved me, and I was still tickled by the cleverness of the script. And don’t let the label of “comedy” fool you: While the show is very funny, it has a real heart to it as well.

    The cast is made up of some very talented young actors and they, combined with the great direction, brought each scene to life. It wasn’t a perfect play; I definitely miss the “Story of Hope” scene that was cut (although I understand why it was), and I definitely wished I was seated closer to the front row, but any minor quibbles I had were forgotten by the time they took their bows and all that was left was the happy, uplifting feeling that the show gave me. Highly recommended.

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