Am I Blue

The modern girl’s hilarious search for enlightenment. “Laugh-out-loud funny.” – Visitorium

4 STARS – Charlebois Post

4 thoughts on “Am I Blue

  1. wow! I am a bit surprised at the anger expressed here. I took this is a simple take on accepting one ‘s ordinariness. Just because one is made to feel inadequate by all of the messages put out there, it doesn ‘t mean one requires therapy. That journey of discovery made through humour, is an amusing way to spend an hour.

  2. I really have little patience for the stereotype of basic millennial b*tch. In this, we see an HBO Girls-style narcissist desperately ignoring her privilege as she searches for meaning and identity at the farmer’s market. She even wants to start a cupcake business. 🙄 I’m not sure if this is meant to be autobiographical or what. I couldn’t tell if she lacked self-awareness and was being totally sincere, or if she was going for satire. If it was the latter, it really didn’t pan out and the play brings nothing new to the conversation. It gets some points solely for the performer’s commitment and personal charm. Shame she’s wasted in this show.

  3. Very much disappointed in this show and the comparisons to being “the love child of Kristen Schaal and Tina Fey.” This show adds nothing new, no new perspective or comment about being a modern woman today and lacks any depth. It also assumes the “modern woman” is cis gender white and straight. It throws out being a “lesbian” as a potential solution for not getting a man and it doesn’t make any comment on poking fun of being basic it just is a basic white girl using a platform to admire her own privileges of having multiple ways to “discover herself.” This is the problem with white privilege, modern white woman has identity crisis over being single and for no apparent purpose uses an hour to play out how she eventually enjoys New Yorks fall leaves and is fine with herself just as she is. Angering to watch. Was hoping to see a funny, modern comment on what its like for woman today but this is sadly misguided.

  4. It’s my first Fringe show ever and it was a nice approach. It’s funny but it’s pretty dosed out and very relatable for late twenties early thirties!

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