Bad Baby Presents: Rules Control the Fun

Bad Baby knows all the rules for a great Fringe solo show and has a surprise you can’t miss!

6 thoughts on “Bad Baby Presents: Rules Control the Fun

  1. I really didn’t like this show. I don’t like cutesy and a baby voice and little girl act meant there was a lot of this for the first 45 minutes. Neither my friend or I knew what she was getting at until the end of the show (spoiler text edited by Wpg Fringe). There were some funny lines but each situation was dragged out and overworked.

    • Good Morning! My show isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, I understand. Could you perhaps remove the spoiler from this review though? No spoilers is one of the rules on this site, and as I’m sure you know – Rules Control The Fun. Thanks!

  2. Great show, and great character portrayal with a whole lot more. Spoiler alert, you’ll love it.

  3. OMG I love Bad Baby! What a beautiful show. It was so funny, but so much more than that. Without giving too much away, know that you are in for an experience unlike any I’ve ever had at the theatre – in a good way. The performer is a true talent. Would love to see her other shows.

    • Thank you so much for coming Sara! So glad we could share the show with you.

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