Bleak Expectations, Dickens’ First Draft

Charles Dickens brings his first full novel to the stage. Hear the exciting tale of Oliver Copperfield and his life beginning with Bleak Expectations.

5 thoughts on “Bleak Expectations, Dickens’ First Draft

  1. Eden is a wonderful actor with a great stage presence. He seamlessly moves from character to character in this one hour play. I thoroughly enjoyed Eden taking us along on his adventure with Charles Dickens.

  2. This derivative play is a mash-up of Dickens’ characters. Not being familiar with all of Dickens’ characters, I didn’t get all of the references, so I just viewed it as a Victorian drama.

  3. Don’t let the1 man show or Dickens era scare you away! Eden’s storytelling as Dickens seemed effortless. He transitioned from character to character easily. A Funny show to see!

  4. Bleak Expectations is a beautiful blend of Great Expectations and Bleak House (and a few other characters make an appearance). Brilliant performance of this one man show with a range of characters that demonstrates a love of Dickens work. Spectacular

  5. Eden is a very engaging storyteller. As someone who loves Dickens, I really enjoyed the story and it’s always very obvious which character is speaking. If you’re a fan of Dickens, I highly recommend this show!

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