Carey-OK! : Timeless Timely Tunes

A one-man a cappella musical that blends beatboxing, rapping and dance into a series of uplifting song-o-logues.

7 thoughts on “Carey-OK! : Timeless Timely Tunes

  1. Great original music and stories. Energetic presentation. I was moved that he shared about depression–the more people do that, the less stigma about mental health. Bravo!

  2. The one man performer of Carey-OK is very energetic. The compilation of songs (base, rhythm, harmonies, melody) was interesting as were his stories. I thought the hour flowed very well.

  3. I went to this show on a recommendation from my partner and our kids. I was a bit skeptical at the start, but fell in love with it quite quickly.

    Carey-OK has a huge amount of talent and also a really genuine, authentic presentation. The loop pedal and the things it does are magical.

    This is a fun show, with a lovely message. Go see it. You’ll love it.

  4. I LOVED this show! Very different and “Fringy”, but the talent Carey-Ok has with being able to make his music with just his voice was amazing! I had a few really good belly laughs (especially with one man army) and was really touched when he shared some of his more serious story about depression – Hope to see him at a fringe again in the future!

  5. Carey is definitely a creative, talented person but this one was just not for me. I think beat-boxing is pretty lame and white people rapping always makes me cringe (especially when the appropriation isn’t acknowledged). The only part I really liked was the song about professional wrestling and the concept of kayfabe, which made some interesting observations about society.

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