Chase Padgett: Heart Attacks & Other Blessings

Chase Padgett (6 Guitars) brings a blend of stories and songs about love, hardship and a heart attack at sea.

5 thoughts on “Chase Padgett: Heart Attacks & Other Blessings

  1. Chase Padgett never disappoints. He is a great storyteller who is musically very talented. My husband and I loved this show!

  2. We saw 6 guitars last year so looked forward to this one & we were not disappointed! We brought 4 friends – all 1st time Fringers- and everyone loved it! You’re amazing Chase – thank you.

  3. He just knocks it out of the park. It is funny, compelling, poignant, surprising and wonderful. He is a HUGE talent.

  4. I loved the authenticity of Chase’s show. Many a time , an artist writes from the heart or the known , so this show, as personal as it is, showed a humor and lifelike side of Chase. Never mind , his voice..seriously a great singer and songwriter.This show will touch you in many ways especially when you see the story unfold in one of life’s greatest lessons. Such a good mix of storytelling,music presented and I think the audience really saw Chase’s transparency. If you’re expecting his 2 other sold out shows, be prepared for some nuance in this third.

  5. This was the first show I’ve seen of Chase Padgett’s where we see a little (a lot, actually) of who he is. In shows like Nashville Hurricane and, perhaps most especially, 6 Guitars, his superb acting is so transformative that you couldn’t be faulted for not recognizing him on the street afterwards (despite very little costuming). It was nice to see and hear a little more of the man behind the music, but at the same time, NOT seeing the extraordinary range of talent I know he possesses on display was a teeny bit of a letdown. Still, DEFINITELY worth getting your advance tickets for.

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