Commando: The Radio Play

An audio recreation of the classic 1985 film using live actors with sound effects performed by a Foley artist.

9 thoughts on “Commando: The Radio Play

  1. May be one of the funniest hours of Fringe comedy I’ve ever experienced. I literally couldn’t stop laughing. Even the oopses were incorporated with hilarity. Clever, nostalgic, and campy in the best of ways. Truly unique! The actors were clearly having just as much fun as the audience and the Arnold one liners killed us all. Do yourself a favour and go!

  2. A very entertaining re-enactment using a campy format that really works. The performers were engaged and obviously enjoyed performing with each other. The fed off the enthusiasm of the audience; some of the biggest laughs were from the small mistakes of the foley artist.

    Having a licensed bar available at the venue definitely didn’t hurt, either. 🙂

  3. This is LOL funny. Straight up.

    The performances, the commercials, the one liners, and the bizarre and lovely spectacal that is Cory Falvo on sound effects. It’s nothing I have ever seen before, but it’s truly amazing and funny.

    Go see this show. It is a must.

  4. What a wonderful breath of fresh air. Highest regards to the actors and to the foley artist. There was the odd hiccup here and there, but they were handled flawlessly and very much added to the laughter in the room. Excellent performance folks, I hope to attend again. *****

  5. Combines the ridiculousness of Commando with the quaintness of a radio play; hilarity ensues. The foley artist is the real star.

  6. I have nothing but great things to say about this radio play! This radio play was nothing short of entertaining, fun and hilarious! I absolutely loved the idea of making into a radio play, the foley artist was amazing (as was the rest of the cast), although I personally enjoyed the arnold “getting hurt sound effects” a lot. The actor impersonations were fantastic. The cheezy one liners from the movie were a riot and got a great laugh from the crowd! If you were a fan of the movie, “Commando”, you are going to LOVE this show!! If you are not a fan or have not seen this movie, it will make you want to see it! It’s a win-win for this company. GO SEE THIS SHOW OR PUT IT ON YOUR LIST TO SEE IT! Congratulations to you guys! Have a great run!!

  7. I 100% agree with Danielle’s comments. I legit belly laughed throughout the show. So entertaining. So funny. I’ll be back again. 🙂

  8. I’d never seen Commando, so I didn’t know what to expect, but Commando the Radio Play delivers on both action and laughs. The actors and sound effect artist do a wonderful job of bringing the story to life in the style of old time radio.

    • Taking us back as the live radio audience and the earnest innovative skills of sound effects timed with story telling, yet juxtaposed with one of the campiest movie scripts out there —
      the result is not just hilarious entertainment but an education in olde timey foley craft. Each player nails their parts but the ‘Arnie’ impersonations steal it, as does the foley artist. So funny. Absolutely loved it! “I’ll be back.” Yeah I said it.

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