Didn’t Hurt

A story about a tough upbringing, and how that played out. “A heart wrenchingly rough coming-of-age story” – VUE

5 thoughts on “Didn’t Hurt

  1. He shares an insight that explains so much of the world. We see where the pain humanity inflicts upon itself ends up.

  2. I highly recommend this play to anybody who wants to see some serious and emotionally difficult theatre. What I always say about Fringe is that I’ve seen the best and the worst shows of my life there. This is especially true of one-person shows: the intimacy and intensity has the potential to make them the worst kind of torture if they are bad, but also the most powerful and moving when they are really good. This play was definitely the latter.

    The show is auto-biographical and deals with Rodney’s lifelong struggle with PTSD and the inter-generational aspects of trauma. I think it had such a deep emotional impact on me because of my work and and the large portion of my clients who face a similar battle. It really made me feel and understand on a deeper, emotional level things which previously I have only understand on an abstract level. I truly feel like every criminal lawyer, Crown Attorney, and Judge NEEDS to see this play to better understand a lot of what we deal with everyday.

    Although challenging, they play was still very entertaining, with an excellent performance by Rodney that kept me completely captivated throughout. I have been going to the Fringe for over 20 years, and I can confidently say this play is in my all time top 10 – and I can only think of one other that managed to give such an intense and deeply rooted emotional experience. Theatre at its best.

  3. Awesome performance and storytelling ability from Rodney as he shares his story of PTSD, intergenerational trauma, and his path to healing. There were some flubs which took me out of the moment but overall, it was a great story told with some shocking vulnerability.

  4. A difficult topic that was very well done. I learned a lot. Very engaging performance. The topic may be triggers for some.

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