Fire in the Meth Lab

A rollercoaster of drug dealers, bikers, car chases, vomit, and exploding houses. A family story told with poignant reflection.

4 thoughts on “Fire in the Meth Lab

  1. Made us think of addictions in a new way. A tale of a family and the many facets of family life from a young lad to a grown man! You need to see this for yourself!

  2. Well told. Intersting uses of “multi-media”. Made me cry and then laugh sometimes in the same sentence! Some lines and images are like a too-often repeated chorus of a song. Makes people with addictions into Real People. Thank You.

  3. The show was good – well told & good connection with the audience. Not sure why dick references are needed. I never get what’s funny about dicks & vulvas but maybe most other people giggle at those. That said, it’s not the focus so a minor quibble.
    The story is heartwarming, the venue was roasting.

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