God Is A Scottish Drag Queen VI

God is back to skewer everything from white privilege to gay rights in an all-new and hilarious hour of comedy!

10 thoughts on “God Is A Scottish Drag Queen VI

  1. Mike always entertains. If you do not like this show you have a joyless soul

    I will see you in October and December

    Thank you for all the Funny you bring

  2. Just saw today’s show venue6 at 245pm. Such a good performance!! Just love Mike Delamont’s style of comedy in the God is a Scottish drag queen. Will be buying tickets to his Dec. Show for sure!!

  3. God is always a good thing. Already bought tickets for October and December. Can’t. Hardly. Wait. ❤️

  4. Mike Delamont is always excellent. This character is ever so delightful and clever. Go see God (while you still can 😢)!

  5. First timing seeing any of this series. Maybe after hearing about it for years, our expectations were too high but we didn’t find it overly original or engaging.

  6. This show was based on sophomoric humour. Not very funny to us. Some of the past shows were better and are best when he stays in the god character without going off topic.

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