Goodbye My Love

Join Teddy Bender from Pickled River, the self-proclaimed “world-class entertainer”, as he blows your mind in this comedy-cabaret.

8 thoughts on “Goodbye My Love

  1. Unbelievable entertaining show! Singing is fantastic!
    Come down to Cercle Moliere in St. Boniface!

  2. Wow utterly amazing singer. Go for the singing the jokes not bad. Crowd laughed a lot. Nice venue.

  3. Teddy’s voice is good, costumes are great, jokes are so-so and quite dated. Banter between Teddy and the bartender not nearly as entertaining as it could be.Long pauses during the opening night show – not sure why? Venue is nice.

  4. From the costume changes to the absolutely amazing singing and banter between Teddy Bender and his bartender cousin Crash its a laugh a minute. Dont miss out on this one. Great intimate venue as well….and its licensed with lots of parking. Whats not to love about this show!

  5. What a spectacular show!!! Such a great cabaret. It completely reminded me of the music my parents played when I was growing up. Teddy brought me to tears with laughter!! You have to go see this one!

  6. Goodbye My Love awesome show!!! You’ll laugh your a$$ off!! Check it out!!
    It’s at the Cercle Molière théâtre on Provencher St.

  7. As someone who grew up in a small town listening to oldies music and hearing stories from my parents about how great the music was in the 70’s and the 80s, I thought Teddy Bender captured the soul of the periods perfectly. Every song Teddy sang made me feel nostalgic for a time I’ve only ever experienced through stories.

    But when you get down to it, this is really just a solid hour of comedy that happens to be about an exchange of stories between Teddy and his fine bartender. This very funny ensemble works to sell every joke, truly explores and responds to the audience interactions and even drinks fine Pickled River champagne with the audience. It is said to give you special powers during the show with the audience. That’s dedication ! Or alcoholism.

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