Growing Op

Marijuana is legalized forcing three young women to confront their lives, their friendship and their choices. Time to grow op!

6 thoughts on “Growing Op

  1. A beautifully raunchy comedy that touches on themes of loneliness, growing up, loving yourself and of course the biggest question of our modern age, which Sesame Street character would be best in bed?

    Absolutely hilarious and a must-see for those who can!

  2. Well written, very funny and charming. The free press gave this show 5 stars and it earns every single one. Do yourself a favour and go see it

  3. Quite a surprise to be honest. The classic stoner film vibes are there and expected, almost a female pineapple express, but there is an unexpected level of realness between the girls and the struggles they deal with that is relatable. Well written and acted but transitions are bit rough and there is a fair bit of dead space. Overall a great show, recommend to anyone who can fit it in there schedule.

  4. So smart, funny and heartwarming! (and the playlist is killer) ❤️

  5. The play is hilarious and fun!
    I really enjoyed the humour and acting, great job!!! 🙂

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