Heart of Stone

A retelling of Medusa and her curse. Guilt, rage, shame and some nifty puppets.

4 thoughts on “Heart of Stone

  1. Hailley Rhoda is quite extraordinary. She offers a profoundly powerful performance, conjuring fantastic imagery of ancient Greece alongside an all too modern anguish suffered by so many women. While she offers you a beautiful smile, the story behind it is one of monsters, and none of them are named Medusa. I will say that the props/puppets almost seem redundant. The descriptions are so vivid and the puppets are not really utilized much; they could almost be left out.

  2. A classic retold for modern times, without compromising the greatness of the tale. She carries the entire tale with power it deserves.

  3. Great storyteller with some very “Fringe-y” flare added in with the DYI puppets. This re-telling is very relevant to our current society, particularly in regards to the “Me Too” movement, in a subtle, yet layered way.

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