JULIET: A Revenge Comedy

What if JULIET didn’t kill herself?
Juliet tears herself from the fabric of Romeo and Juliet, determined to write her own story.

8 thoughts on “JULIET: A Revenge Comedy

  1. Great advise: Pre order ur ticket.
    This is one of the best show in fringe with super talented actress and actor, smart and funny writing, greatly timed and amazing sound effect.
    Try it and u will understand why this is a sold out show.

  2. Very clever and hilarious. Carly Pokoradi was superb as she switched characters. I would go see it again!

  3. Run don’t walk to this production – and buy your tickets online because it sells out every night. Carly Po was incredible in last year’s ‘Jesus: the Lost Years’ and she stepped it up even more this year! 11/10!! I laughed the whole time.

  4. Good grief. This show was awesome. The premise is that Juliet (yes, that Juliet) tries to fight against her suicidal fate and begins to seek out other doomed Shakespearean female characters. It was funny and creative and really brought a new interest level to Shakespeare (where there was none before).

  5. Best one yet! Another Monster Theatre production. Lots of laughter. So cleverly written. Fabulous acting. Loved it!!

  6. Excellent show. The actors are well cast and play the characters very well. BanishSHED!

  7. Laughed so hard my voice hurt a little afterward. Entire cast is strong but Carly Pokoradi amazes throughout – never have I seen multiple characters played with this much finesse. Line up early!

  8. This hilarious offering from Monster Theatre calls Shakespeare out on his shite and features the insanely versatile Carly Po, who switches gears so fast it’s completely boggling while still managing to be totally clear and coherent. My husband hates when I make him go to anything Shakespeare related, but even he says he hated this the least of all the ones I’ve made him see.

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