The story of a Canadian soldier as he fights in the Second World War and his wife at home, as told through their letters.

6 thoughts on “Letters

  1. Saw this on opening night. A well written story portrayed by an outstanding group of performers! Enjoyed from the beginning to the end!

  2. Inspired by real events, Letters explores the experiences of Paul (Alan MacPherson) and Betty (Kayln Bombac) – a married couple whose story is told through a series of letters sent between the two during the second world war.
    A well-produced piece that sadly falls short of great in almost every category. Letters fails to present anything remarkable for audiences to keep in mind. With the only really remarkable work being done through its costumes and props, Letters doesn’t have to offer anything we haven’t already seen done before.
    Without a doubt a well-researched piece of theatre, having been five years in the making for Brian Langlotz and originating as a radio play. Letters still misses the mark on creating anything meaningful through its real-life inspired tale due to its surface level exploration of the subject of love, war, and loss.
    – Reviewed by Janice Hu (MTC Teen Critic)

  3. The acting and writing fantastic very creatively done and young girl impeccable performance!

  4. Follow a Canadian soldier fighting Nazi oppression overseas, while his family waits anxiously back home. It’s a heart-wrecking tale… and an honest look at the cost of war.

    Written by Winnipeg’s Brian Langlotz, it’s a labour of love based on his ancestors’ correspondence during World War II. Having heard the radio play over Remembrance Day (2018) on CKUW, I was familiar with the storyline – but I did not expect to have an emotional response to the staged iteration. You made me cry. Twice.

    In spite of the technical difficulties, the condensed stage version flowed beautifully. The performers are charismatic. The costumes are accurate. The story is our own. Kudos all!

    This is a love letter to our Canadian Military (past and present). Thank you for your service.

  5. This was my first Fringe and was so impressed by this show I will be back.
    The actors made the story so emotionally real I actually had tears in my eyes. The story was very well written. I highly recommend this one.
    I ran into a fringe regular and was told it was the best show she had ever seen.

  6. Letters was a well written play and very moving emotionally for the audience. If they were to have the same one on again next year I would watch it again. The acting to me was superb, they all made their characters believable.

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