Magic: The Musical

Like magic? Like musicals? This 10-song musical, featuring real magic from the makers of Taxidermy: The Musical, will AMAZE!

5 thoughts on “Magic: The Musical

  1. Connor and Devon do it again.
    Always on the top of my Fringe list to see these guys and they never disappoint!
    Great voices, great music, real magic and a funny story!
    This year their show had a developed plot and well developed characters. Connor and Devon are quick on their feet to ad-lib and improvise with whatever their performance brings to them and I love that about them!
    Their 4.5 star review was WELL deserved!

  2. This show was so hilarious and campy. It makes fun of the “magician personae” in many of its forms. If you are a fan of magic, if you are a magic hobbyist, if you are a magician, if you have ever been to see a magic show, if you’ve ever been to Vegas, if you’re a kid of the 70s like me, who used to watch all the prime time variety shows on TV…
    Just go see this way-too-much-fun show!

  3. This is such a fun show! The magic is great. The songs are great. Definitely fun for the whole family

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