Marcus Ryan – ¿Hablas Inglés?

One man. One beard. One backpack. No idea! An epic Latin American journey.
Award-winning storyteller, sold-out worldwide.

10 thoughts on “Marcus Ryan – ¿Hablas Inglés?

  1. Loved this. Having spent lots of time in Mexico as resident and non tourist, I could relate to his experiences. But, even if you’ve never been to Latin America, his stories are funny and entertaining. Recommended it to anyone who asked.

  2. Hilarious and heartwarming! Marcus connects with his audience and makes you care about his journey. A great blend of stand-up and storytelling. I was laughing through the whole thing.

  3. This was totally hilarious. Shows about travels are often crap, because people imagine their vacations are much more interesting to others than they actually are. This is not that type of show. Marcus Ryan is lovely and engaging, and his storytelling is self-aware and insightful. Loved it!

  4. Classic story telling. This guy has done some funny things on his many travels. Comedy Gold !

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