Meatball Séance

“If ‘audience participation’ makes you clench up, Meatball Séance will change your theater-going world. Silly, subversive, powerful.”- Dallas Observer

3 thoughts on “Meatball Séance

  1. Meatball Seance was a lively romp delivered by a hyperactive actor. It had the audience laughing and was the type of show only the Fringe could produce. See it if you want something light and silly.

  2. Full of laughs and originality. Eye catching young performer delivers the goods. I’m going again.

  3. I did laugh, but I didn’t love it. And it’s not about the subject matter. Although I did feel like he tossed out an awful-lot of ‘provoking’ comments just to get a sensationalised reaction. It’s kind of a weak way to get a laugh.
    The reason I didn’t love it though was because I felt like it didn’t go anywhere. I kind of got bored about 1/2 h into it and kept looking at my watch to check if he was going to be wrapping it up any time soon… I definitely didn’t feel the power that the Dallas Observer apparently did.

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