Mix Tapes From My Mom

A story of love, life and the legacy of mix tapes a Mother left behind.

11 thoughts on “Mix Tapes From My Mom

  1. If 5 is the highest it gets a 10 great story line, great story teller accompanied by a awesome live band.

  2. This show is a 5 out of 5 easy…. Top Dogs of the Fringe 2019…. I place this show right next to Six Guitars and Nashville Hurricane…

  3. I can not recommend this show enough, I started fringing 3 years ago and this is now one of my most memorable. The best balance of story telling and music. The tears and the laughter was the best roller coaster ride i have been on in years. I found the audience were completely engrossed and were happy to be along for the ride. The music all made sense where it was strategically placed and the band and cory sound amazing.If this does not become a Fringe favourite I would be surprised. And the venue was so cool

  4. Fantastic show! It is listed as “storytelling”, but in addition to both laughing and crying throughout the show (sometimes both at the same time!) you get to enjoy Cory rocking out with a live band, all while enjoying a glass of wine in a great venue! Standing ovation! What a great start to my Fringe marathon!

  5. I laughed, I cried, I clapped, I sang along – this one has it all! The music transcends all ages, the story is relatable to anyone who has a family, and Cory and the rest of the musicians were unbelievably in sync! This is one you really must see! One of my all-time favourites (and we are avid Fringers)!

  6. Honestly, not a Fringe person so I wasn’t sure what to expect. My 15 year old was with me and fidgeting but as soon as the Band and Cory took the stage, all eyes were up. I loved hearing all of Cory’s mom’s catch phrases and the music was just perfectly timed to the story points. It really transcended generations and my kid said it made her think about what she will remember about me. The best of the craft- dark themes relieved with hilarity and joy. The Winnipeg-isms also resonated and made the whole night super relate- able. Just loved it. Don’t miss out!

  7. I enjoyed “Mix Tapes from my Mom”. The story was engaging, sometimes hilarious and sometimes very sad. The music was catchy and I found it hard not to sing along to old familiar tunes. Well worth seeing.

  8. A brilliant mix of fabulous music intertwined with captivating storytelling. My favorite fringe ever. A must see! You will laugh , cry and rock out with a great band and actor. Loved it!!!! Thank you Cory and crew 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  9. I highly recommend taking in Cory Wojcik’s highly entertaining and thought provoking Fringe Festival show. Cory intimately shares a pivotal time in his life journey which will have you laughing at one moment and near tears the next.
    I give it a 5* rating as did the audience with its appreciative standing ovation.

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