Monica vs. The Internet: Tales of a Social Justice Warrior

Award-winning storyteller Monica Ogden sheds light on activism in the age of the internet, mixed-race identity and white feminism.

12 thoughts on “Monica vs. The Internet: Tales of a Social Justice Warrior

  1. Thank you Monica for getting us whites to feel SO uncomfortable!! You gave us a rich and poignant snapshot of how your life has been affected by racism, misogyny, white privilege, repression and the anonymity of the internet.
    Since seeing your show I have been and will continue to think a lot about your challenge and how and when and where and with whom I can make meaningful changes.

  2. As an actual Filipino individual who can very much relate to her story in many ways, this was truly an amazing show that truly made me want to cry. Her emotions of anger and sorrow are completely valid, and those that overshadow her experiences purely because “oh she should’ve been less angry”, you didn’t get the entire point of the show. This is how it truly is like, when you are not on the high horse of white privilege, this is the things white people don’t want to hear about, but need to listen to. This was absolutely incredible, this is pure and utter brilliance.
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  3. Top notch true life storytelling with much to think about presented by an intense and charming human being! Check her Facebook page or an eloquent review from Toronto fringe

  4. Go see Monica vs the Internet: Tales of a Social Justice Warrior! Lots spoke to me as a Chinese-Canadian woman born and raised in white supremacist Canada, occupying both privileged and oppressed spaces. I particularly loved being in a space for an hour that centered racialized experiences, and maintained their complexity in a really (self-)critical way.

    Support artists of colour this Fringe!
    #monicavstheinternet #winnipegfringe #fringeofcolour

  5. This is not a review. As the artist pointed out, as a white woman, I really have no place making evaluative comments about a work which addresses the experiences of a POC. Instead, consider this a recommendation to other people who look like me: go see this show! Monica is unflinchingly honest and will not pander to you. Try to leave your internalized racism and toxic whiteness at the door and stifle your inner white supremacist’s urge to get defensive when asked to confront your complicity in our systemically oppressive society. It may be the best choice you make all Fringe.

  6. It basically feels like one big anger-filled production against white people where she essentially seems to try countering racism with more racism. But by the end, an eye for an eye makes everybody leaving the show blind.

    She is still a very good storyteller and yes there is a good message to be heard. But when messages are delivered with such hatred and visceral anger the only thing that happens is more hatred. This is clearly demonstrated by the individuals on social media who were triggered and lash out at her after a show. Hence the “vs the Internet” portions of the show. But instead of looking in the mirror at her approach, she uses these people to say “see, look how evil white people are”. I think with less anger a message might be deliverable here.

    • It’s really fun how you view a woman of colour making remarks about her life and the injustice she’s experienced as anger. Monica never shouts. She never yells. She comments on a system of white supremacy that we live in. The fact that you see that as anger and hatred is kind of baffling honestly.

  7. Saw this show yesterday in Winnipeg. She does a good job of articulating many aspects of society’s imperfections. For me, I found her delivery so angry (which I could understand) and so blame-filled (which was a turn-off) that it made me wonder if she might reach her audience more effectively with less of a sledge hammer in hand.

  8. Monica is one helluva storyteller! A fantastic and life-affirming show. Glad I took the time to check it out.

  9. Saw this in Toronto, and it was fantastic! You gotta see this show, and especially if you’re a white person (like me). Entertaining and educational!

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