Moonlight After Midnight

A man and woman role-play a relationship in this mind-bending romantic mystery. 5 STARS – Winnipeg Free Press

4 thoughts on “Moonlight After Midnight

  1. Though I did enjoy the show overall and the twist at the end, I did find it a bit long in the middle. I was amazed the actor had a lot of dialogue and preformed it well. The actress also was a good singer. I went to the late show and that may be why I found it slow in the middle.

  2. A bit slow in the middle and I echo the previous reviewer that mics would improve the performance. Overall a thoughtful, well-acted show. Beautiful singing by the lead actress.

  3. An interesting premise and ultimately a good, challenging show. The acting and staging were excellent but it was sometimes a bit difficult to understand the dialogue; need better projection. Recommended.

  4. This 2 person performance had me right from the start and I was totally attentive until the end. The creative dialogue and twists made this so very enjoyable. Both actors were excellent. The singing was also amazing! She did Patsy. Line justice! I would highly recommend seeing Moonlight After Midnight.

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