Motherhood Out Loud

A portrait of parenting that shows the good, the bad and the ugly while striking the funny bone and the heart.

5 thoughts on “Motherhood Out Loud

  1. Oh, that awkward moment when you go to a fringe with your mother and the topic turns to memory loss…… lol. Great show ladies. I do recommend going with your mother for maximum effect

  2. Great show, really well-paced and the timing is done superbly – some of the most clever writing I’ve seen at Fringe. Having seen some of the shows that many of these performers have done previously, I knew going into it that it would be good. I had no idea I’d laugh so hard I hurt my throat, though.

  3. This was a funny set of vignettes all to do with parenting. While it promised to cover the wide array, it missed a lot of staples like single mothers and those who have lost children. Overall it was fun and most likely will be a big hit for those with kids.

    • It actually DID deal with losing a child, but rather tastefully and not too explicitly.

      • Single mothers too, come to think of it. There’s a scene with three mothers in the park, one of whom is not explicitly said to be with or without partner.

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