Musicals Are Stupid: A Stupid Musical

Everyone loves musicals except for Gus. Watch as Gus’s friends try to fix him. Sound stupid? Well, it’s a musical.

10 thoughts on “Musicals Are Stupid: A Stupid Musical

  1. I went twice..enjoyed the silly Musicals are stupid concept..enjoyed the performances of the cast, changes of scenes were seamless..but I especially loved watching Jacob Janzen in all his roles.

  2. Though the singing was somewhat inconsistent and a little wonky in some points, overall the show was quite funny, and very good subtle funny, yet mean, LGBT character. Please swear more next time. Although understandable in the beginning for it to be not present for a joke later on!
    With appreciation to every character main or minor, to be my first ever Fringe watch, I was delighted 🙂

  3. This show was hands down hilarious! There were a lot of joke in this musical all of which were able to get a laugh out of audience. Although not everyone would understand every joke, a huge majority of these jokes are and will make you laugh.

    Although not every actor was a perfect singer, they were still able to dance, make jokes, and give us the show that was worth our money. Everything about this was so dumb it was perfect, it’s the thing that you’ve never thought you’d laugh to, but you did.

    Comedy aside, these guys did a great at fulfilling their characters roles. 100% would watch this show 3 more times. I’d want everyone to go check this show out at least once, just because its not the type of show to purely focus on the story line, but it’s the show make will have you leave with a good time.

    -Teen Critic (RMTC): Jacky Pan

  4. Since musical comedy is my favourite entertainment, I was sure I would love this–and I did. Great send up. After this, had to rush off to the airport, so it was a good way to end a brilliant Fringe experience.

  5. If you go in expecting a broadway show you will be disappointed, but I found it to be overall quite entertaining and the singers pleasant to listen to. There were some ongoing gags through the show I enjoyed thoroughly and I laughed heartily several times. The story itself is a bit silly but this is obviously intentional and should probably be expected by the title. I must say, after seeing a plethora of shows with deep social commentaries it’s kind of nice to shut down my brain for a little while and just enjoy a light-hearted stupid musical.

  6. This one had a lot of potential and failed to deliver. I’ll start with the positives. It had great music that was catchy and delightful, the comedic moments were spot on, and the actor playing Dakota stole the show for me. The downsides were that only one member of the cast could sing well enough to justify a role in a musical, the acting was not great, and the actors never had mics so it was hard to hear them when they were singing. Overall, this could have been great but it fell short.

  7. The pre-show house music set the tone. The concept is hilarious. The cast is enthusiast and talented. If you love musicals, you’ll laugh. If you despise musicals, you’ll still laugh (and empathize with Gus). It’s difficult not to appreciate the onstage antics (hello travel arrangements). Ensemble players Jacob Janzen and Emma Stevens energy is infectious in every scene that they steal.

  8. Honestly I was pleasantly surprised. Went in with no expectations and I was impressed by the acting chops of these performers. If you like musical theatre then this is the show for you. The story is so relatable and the concept was very funny. Jacob Janzen steals the show as “the understudie”. Bravo! I’m impressed!

  9. Hilarious, witty, unique storyline. Entire cast was exceptional! Highly recommend seeing this play.

  10. Incredibly talented cast, very silly and fun show. It’s honestly exactly what it sounds like; if you think you might like it, you will.

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