One Great Winnipeg

Local improvisers and noteworthy Winnipegger’s come together to celebrate/commiserate the ‘Peg. Funny, tragic, and honestly a really nice time of year to head downtown.

One thought on “One Great Winnipeg

  1. This is my first 5 star review of the year (out of 7 plays, if you must know). I was very pleasantly surprised to find myself at a show led by the endlessly delightful Caity Curtis and her dapper partner (in crime?) Stephen Sim. This show features a different “noteworthy Winnipegger” each night, along with guest improv artists. Our guest was the lovely Alyson Shane, Vote Open advocate and all-around charmer. Tomorrow’s guest, FYI, is Kevin McDonald. Check it out! You could even seen it twice! Or thrice!

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