One Man Avengers

Charlie Ross (One Man Star Wars) portrays earth’s mightiest heroes. Directed by TJ Dawe. “Nuclear levels of energy” – Variety

2 thoughts on “One Man Avengers

  1. Funny and fast-paced! It’s my first time seeing Charlie Ross and I would definitely go again. My friend tells me the Star Wars one was better, though, so maybe check that one out at Kings Head Pub first. I felt like the already fast action/scene changes of Avengers (plus the huge cast he was trying to impersonate) made it more difficult to reproduce.

  2. A look at Infinity War and End Game, with flashes of its predecessors. A love letter for Marvel fans, complete with storyline commentaries that we’ve all been thinking…
    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m in the mood for Shawarma Khan…

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