Outside Joke: The Improvised Musical

Each night, Outside Joke presents a brand new, fully improvised musical that will leave you wishing you could buy the soundtrack!

3 thoughts on “Outside Joke: The Improvised Musical

  1. Outside Joke was hilarious and so creative. The actors outdid themselves with their on the spot improv. This is outstanding entertainment and not one to miss!

  2. Most enjoyable show I have seen in years. Their energy, enthusiasm and commitment to the improvisation of the subject, characters and setting provided by the audience was a joy to witness.

  3. WOW. Absolutely amazing! HILARIOUS show that ran so well i was suspicious it wasn’t improvised sometimes. These 6 performers must be so well connected to be able to improvise an entire damn musical together!! Also shout out to the pianist – his musical contributions were very much appreciated, he did an excellent job!

    absolute must see for EVERYONE.

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