Paco Erhard: An Honest* History of Bullsh!t

Sick of bullshit? Feel awash in propaganda and lies? Don’t worry, a German is here to sort it all out.

5 thoughts on “Paco Erhard: An Honest* History of Bullsh!t

  1. As usual, Paco Erhard’s intellectual comedy and super weird German accent held me in sway throughout this show. I find him to be possessed of the most delightful cynicism.

  2. I found the show did not really relate to the title and is in need of some tweaking. The performer himself admitted it needed some work. The opening is a bit on the German army that goes on way too long and a lot of it is hard to relate to. He needs to learn to move from topic to topic and not beat each one to death. Sometimes this actor is hard to understand and mumbles a bit. He did touch on current topics which seemed to engage the audience more. Overall not a big fan.

  3. The show has quite a few great laughs and parts everyone can relate too; however, at times he was talking way to fast and mumbled and found it difficult to understand, We heard a few comments after the show say the same. He would once in awhile try to tie the show back to the title and the history of bullshit. The show felt disjointed and parts went on way too long, the German army stint had laughs but went on too long. You could tell after it hit 60 mins that he was struggling with the last 15 mins. The last 15 mins he did manage to bring the audience back with his comedy which was not at all related to what was previously talked about, At the end he did say he was use to 7 mins stints and you could tell, he did mention that he would be working on his show, which is fine; however, if this is your first show and you knew it was not polished, then should have had a discounted price.

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