Peter and the Starcatcher

Pirates, mermaids, mollusks and an orphan boy. Physical gags and hilarious puns galore.

5 thoughts on “Peter and the Starcatcher

  1. Performances were very engaging. Loved the puns! Laughs galore. Older kids and adults will love this show.

  2. The mermaids are hilarious! I laughed my way through the whole show. Actors are spot on!

  3. Peter and the Starcatcher is hilarious!! We laughed all the way through! You’ll love the mermaids!!

  4. This production of the Pan prequel was hella weird! The cast was too large and unruly for a Fringe show, and the weird accents some of the actors put on made the dialogue somewhat difficult to follow. It was also weirdly a play that would appeal to kids, but with enough adult content that bringing them is probably unwise. Some very odd choices were made. Just not enough there that I’d recommend going all the way to WECC, but I guess I didn’t hate it or anything.

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