Zeglinski weaves a hilarious and heartwarming retelling of his autistic life with mammoths, an elusive salamander, first kisses and bullies!

7 thoughts on “Quirky

  1. Impeccable comic timing, huge heart and engaging storytelling! You will love this show!

  2. HILARIOUS!!!! Captivating! And, heart-wrenchingly tender. This superb one-man-show pulls us in for the full hour (but be warned, it zips by!), slaps us around with a side-splitting comedic but blazingly brilliant Aspie-awkward tale of Zeglinksi’s life, maturation and emergence (as a human, a man and an artist) to this very moment on stage with us all now.

    This show was born out of Sick & Twisted Theatre’s 2018 Lame Is: A Disability Cabaret and it’s clear that Zeglinski has worked hard over the Fringe-pre-season on the script (with some incredible Winnipeg talents in dramaturge and direction, Trish Cooper & Scott Douglas, respectively) to bring this solid piece to Fringe audiences – an example of Winnipeg’s dynamic inclusive arts world at work, on the ground floor. But at the end of the day, I laughed, I cried and then laughed some more – everything a great comedy should do. It is clear why Zeglinski is garnering such positive and strong audience response. This “Son of Kimmy-Zee” is all grown up.

    Get your tickets early though, this show is selling out like hot cakes!

  3. Grating. I found this one grating. Aiden is telling us the mostly true story of his life as someone with Asperger’s Syndrome. However, I found he overacted in many parts and it felt artificial. Many bits were played out too long and I found his voice (when he was playing other people) to be too high pitch. In the small space, his voice ended up giving me a headache. However, and this is a big however, everyone else seemed to love it and he got a standing ovation so maybe I’m just a stick in the mud.

    • You’re describing competing neurology right there. You and Aidan would not be compatible given your sensitivity to his lack of vocal regulation due to autism. Have you ever looked up the term “misophonia?”
      Thanks for giving this show a try, Aidan’s mom.

  4. Lots of laughs 🙂 . Amazing courage and an impressive job for a first-time Fringe show!!

  5. True storytelling talent, with the verve of youth and the intensity of truth. Aiden Zeglinski brings you right into his sometimes-awkward life story, with retellings of his experiences growing up “Aspie”. Amazing delivery from this young actor with plenty of shared laughter in the almost-full house!

    • Wow!
      Five Stars for Aidan and his amazing show Quirky!
      His ability to engage the audience every moment and give us all a glimpse into his real life experiences was a privilege.
      All emotions were experienced in this one person show from laughter to tears!
      Bravo Aidan!
      Do not miss Quirky!

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