Two men engage in a game of chess, only to see it transform into a larger mind game of its own.

4 thoughts on “Rook

  1. A curious experiment in playwriting. They need to project more. Started many interesting ideas but never really went anywhere with them.

  2. From what I could hear, it was brilliant! I found that the bearded character was a tad soft-spoken. Their interaction was so on point but at times, I was only able to hear half of the conversation. Maybe a microphone on the lightpost?

  3. I left the theatre performance feeling it was a honest effort. In my mind I couldn’t read what the motives behind each character was and why either one just didn’t walk away. That being said, the concepts of solitude and the nature of life or death were explored but to a penalty, because it came across rather obscurely. The thing I enjoyed most were the dynamic between characters as the acting is on point. Regardless of the differences situated between the characters, you are suppose to feel clarity by the way it ended. Though I believe the opposite is true.

  4. Amazing! Beautifully written and thrilling…wish I could see it all over again!

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