Schemas, 1-5

Athletic, fast-paced and full of vitality. 208 past Fringe performances, Jolene Bailie returns with an ensemble cast and award-winning work.

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  1. In this terrifying dystopian drama, humanity struggles against a malevolent artificial intelligence that threatens to remove all music from the world. By learning the robots’ weakness – rose petals – the humans cobble together a makeshift resistance. But will they be able to overcome their differences and band together in time to defeat the mechanical menace and save humanity… and the music?

    Look, I’m gonna be honest here, I have NO idea what this show was supposed to be about, but the cast is clearly talented and it’s very well-produced. I had a good time.

  2. Spectacular, dystopian, sophisticated. Unique and other worldy. Very powerful. I loved it.

  3. I saw this show a few says ago. It is still in my head. It is still penetrating all my thoughts. It is by far the most satisfying show I have seen at the fringe so far. I think about it while washing the dishes, walking my dog, seeing other fringe shows. The show leaves you a bit stunned at first, but then it starts to seep into your blood on a very deep level. This show has claws. It goes deep. It takes you places you may or may not be ready to go. Shocking, mesmerizing, beautiful, raw, poignant, and beyond words. Performed by a cast of professionals who truly comprehend the connectivity of being an ensemble. Committed performers, legendary vision. If can only see one show, see this one. It has deep staying power.

    • Thanks so much. I’m with you on the dishes too. I am always thinking about my work while doing the dishes.

  4. Go see this show. This is a show that will change your perspective of every single interaction you may have for days after seeing this show. It will change how you feel when you hear a fan, or a beep, or an exhale. All about the ripple effect. About the nuance. About society at the very inner core. Not your typical fringe show where the performer is a star and it’s all about them. This is a story that is abstract and refined and beyond words. Absolutely stunning. Very deep. Very good. I highly recommend. Go, go, go.

  5. Schemas, 1-5. A great show. A complicated show. A true visionary. If only more shows had this much intent, meaning, purpose. Dedicated artists. Deep artistry. A deep reflective view on society. I cowered in fear, I cried with laughter, and I left feeling I could be better, feeling I could do better as a human, and inspired to see a broader picture of how I interact with the world. It takes a very special creator to create a show that is not self-centered, not self-indulging, not about self glorification, not about bragging about oneself, and truly about humanity on a much bigger level than one person’s opinion or one person’s voice in a story. Go see this show. It will blow your mind wide open.

  6. Go, go, go. This is a fabulous show. So unique. So precise. Abstracted ideas, a contemporary score, fierce dancers, a solid vision, and obvious professionalism. Themes and choreography both exciting and challenging. Not for the weak at heart. This will tug you, stretch you, and shock you in all the best ways. All the feels. Still feeling it three days later…

  7. Yes, yes, yes. Full on brilliant. Not for those looking for cheap laughs, gags, or a no-brainer of a show. This is intelligent, deep, intellectual, shocking, and ends with so much fun. A show that is bigger than fringe, bigger than us, bigger than the performers. Worldy on all levels. Amazing dancers. Our home grown Jolene Bailie doing her thing. Truly a special show. It will stay with you.

  8. Wow, wow, wow! What a fantastic show! I was at the Saturday performance and it is still commanding my every thought over 24 hours later. Very deep work. Very well crafted. An outstanding production. Set to music from some of the world’s finest contemporary composer’s – John Cage and Pauline Oliveros. Very much beyond fringe expectations on all levels. Go see this show.

  9. Is saw this show yesterday. It was beyond amazing. A full cast of professionals. A clear vision that pushed the boundaries of conventional entertainment. Not for the faint of heart. Some moments were terrifying. This is something that will stay with you, in your dreams and in your nightmares.

  10. The mechanical soundtrack and puppet-like choreography combine in a strong artistic statement about modern life. At times funny, other times horrifying, this piece masterfully draws in the audience and makes us think about isolation and connection between people. It ends on a strong positive (and musical) note. Don’t miss it!

  11. I don’t know if I liked this dance piece, but I know that I loved it. It was bizarre and fascinating. Very talented dancers and the choreographer had a strong artistic vision, which I appreciated.

  12. Schemas 1-5 has the potential to be a good modern dance piece but falls flat for a variety of reasons. The dancers are great and the first twenty minutes showed a lot of promise. But after a while, the grating sound track, themes that seem to go nowhere, prop failures (get a stronger fan!), and repetition made the piece boring. It definitely does not live up to its advance praise in the program.

  13. The choreography is pretentious and attempts to impress by affecting greater importance, talent, culture, etc., than is actually possessed. This review does not reflect the dancers in any way, as I have seen some of these same dancers before, and they are incredibly skilled and talented. The dancers deserve a better choreographer, and a better sound track. At times the music was as jarring to listen to as a dentist’s drill over what seemed like 3 minute intervals and many audience members covered their ears.

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