Silence! The Musical (The Unauthorized Parody of The Silence of the Lambs)

The classic 1991 Oscar-winning film gets set to music in this over-the-top parody!

13 thoughts on “Silence! The Musical (The Unauthorized Parody of The Silence of the Lambs)

  1. The execution was fairly well done and for the most part the actors were decent singers and seemed to enjoy the stage. The casting for Hannibal, Buffalo Bill, and the psychiatrist were spot on. I won’t comment on the music and lyrics because I discovered after the show that this was a remake of a 2005 off-broadway show. I think this may explain why I found some of the humour and content a bit outdated.

  2. I thought Silence! The Musical was very funny and the audience I saw it with seemed to agree. There was a lot of laughter and enjoyment going on around me.

    The music was memorable, catchy, and well performed for the most part. I thought the actors all did a fine job and landed their jokes well.

    Seeing “Silence of the Lambs” (the movie) is a real plus before going to see the parody but it certainly isn’t necessary.

    Silence! The Musical was a lot of fun and it is definitely worth checking out!

  3. It takes a special kind of buzzkill to not enjoy this show. The music is fun and reminiscent of big Broadway shows, the actors are all amazing, and honestly I enjoy the juxtaposition of things like Lecter’s “fine art” being childhood finger-paintings.

    If you enjoy laughter (largely from a little bit of shock value), you’re very likely to enjoy this show.

  4. I thought this was very well done. The roles of Clarice (nice accent!), Dr. Chilton, and Catherine were especially well executed.

    Some of the music could have been re-worked a little to better fit the vocal ranges of the performers.

    Having seen the movie at least once in your life prior to seeing this parody would add to your enjoyment.

    I had a lot of great laughs as did the audience around me. Funny show!

    Thanks for a great time Silence! The Musical!

  5. The singing needs work but I cried laughing throughout this show – thank you for that! I highly recommend if you love a good parody, love the original movie, and love a lot of vulgar humour!

  6. If you like the original film, you’ll love this remake. In true parody form, it emphasizes the most shocking pieces of the movie but through a comedic lens. It’s difficult to make a hilarious show of such a serious and famous movie, but the script does its best.
    The actors are all wonderful, their energy is what propels this play from a good script to a great show. The details in the funny props and sets are very well put together, and everyone is committed to an amazing performance.
    The jokes are not for the faint of heart, (if you don’t like swearing this is NOT the show for you), but if you’re okay with being a little uncomfortable while you laugh out loud, I can’t recommend this show enough.

  7. I thought this parody was very well done indeed. I do think it’s worth having seen the movie at some point prior to seeing the show.

    Very strong performances from Clarice (awesome accent!), Dr. Chilton and Catherine.

    Yes, profanity was part of the production, but audience members were warned of this in the show’s description.

    i think this one is worth seeing. Most of the audience seemed to be enjoying themselves and lots of laughter was heard all around.

    Well done!

  8. The longer I think about this one, the less I like it. I was very impressed by the music (both the singing and instrumentation), the staging and props, the acting and the level of polish. However, this musical-comedy version of Silence of the Lambs basically just takes the most offensive elements from the movie and relies on their shock value to provide the humour for the entire show. It wasn’t clever; by the end it felt inane.

  9. Gonna be real with you.

    I really admire the cast for their energy and commitment to the show! They worked well together and most were strong performers. Shout out to the girl who played Cathryn and the man who play Hannibal. It looks like they’re having fun and I love that for them.

    Personally, was NOT a fan of the script itself. Just a poorly written show, tacky, outdated and outrageously inappropriate to a point where it wasn’t even funny. It was completely uncomfortable for me and my whole party.

    There were also parts where performers were singing and speaking in the dark and light cues were coming up too quick which made the performers moving set pieces look silly.

    Perhaps if you enjoy South Park or Robot Chicken type of humour(on steroids) then you would enjoy it.

    I’ve never seen Silence of the Lambs but I think that’s what is selling it for the people that enjoy this show.

  10. Incredible show! a VERY well done parody of a classic thriller flick. Overall the entire cast was very strong, no weak spots there. Very well paced show. Most of the jokes landed very well, and it seems others in the audience were just as entertained as I was.

    Aside from a couple small errors (that didn’t detriment from the show at all and will most likely go away after a couple performances), this show was entirely entertaining from start to finish. It would be a good idea to see the movie before coming to the show.

    5/5 stars!

  11. This parody was very well done. The singing and acting was well executed and there was lots to laugh at. Well worth seeing!

  12. Highly entertaining! Catchy tunes and energetic dance moves! Funny too!

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