Six Chick Flicks…

…or a Legally Blonde Pretty Woman Dirty Danced on the Beaches while writing a Notebook on the Titanic.

10 thoughts on “Six Chick Flicks…

  1. Wow! This show was amazing, I was smiling the entire time. Very funny script and talented cast. Highly recommend seeing!

  2. Very, very funny! Highly recommend. Must have seen the movies referenced to appreciate it tho – I had not watched one of the films and that segment of show was a bit less funny than the other 5 segments. Overall an excellent and hilarious show!

  3. If you need a belly laugh, this one’s for you. My cheeks literally hurt by the end of it. It’s clever, snarky, well-written and so funny because it’s all… so… true. These ladies are very talented and mimic everything very well. Best laugh I have had in ages. It’s probably funniest if you’ve seen the movies they are referencing, but still funny even if you haven’t.

  4. I loved this show. These ladies are very talented! They sung and danced their way through a parody of 6 chick flicks. You will laugh throughout the show.

  5. Amazing show! So funny! Standing ovation!! Worth the watch highly recommend if you see anything you see this!

  6. Highly recommend this show! Have seen all the movies referenced in this production, but have forgotten much about them, yet was still able to fully enjoy the show….absolutely hilarious….5 stars for sure!!!!

  7. Omg. TJ Dawe you are so incredibly talented as a screen writer. My friends and I laughed so hard we cried. The energy and performance from the two actors was amazing. You would have to have seen all those chick flicks to appreiciate this show.

  8. Enjoyed the show, was funny and the humour well timed. Liked how they brought everything together from one skit to the next. The lady beside me had not seen many of the movies they referred to so she did not get much of the show.I recommend the show

  9. A very fun hour! Even if you haven’t see all the flicks, it will still be funny.

  10. Saw this show tonight. Brilliant performance!!!!!! Funny, light hearted and very entertaining. Full 5 star performance. A must see for any one attending the Fringe

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