So, do you want to talk about it?

Through a series of trials and tribulations, polar opposites Mia and Ingrid learn to face their anxiety together.

6 thoughts on “So, do you want to talk about it?

  1. A tightly written script delivers insight into the lives of 2 people and their anxiety issues. Moments of empathy and fun. Engaging.

  2. There’s much to recommend this play, and what has stuck with me most is the real and messy portrayal of friendship built around mental illness as common ground. It’s a tricky experience to live through, and uniquely gratifying to see it represented well. Also interesting to see a real and messy portrayal of young adult relationships with their parents. The contrasting backgrounds of the two characters still finding a home in each other, without tying it up in a tidy bow, left me with a lot to think about!

  3. An excellent portrayal of living life with anxiety. Definitely lots of funny moments, so give yourself permission to laugh. Mental health/illness is an important topic and they do a great job without making it cheesy.

  4. Enjoyed the characters as they developed, struggling with both their own anxieties and how to relate to each other. Great experience!

  5. It was a tough subject, but both actors gave funny and sincere performances. I would definitely recommend this play to anyone who has anxiety or body issues (with a content warning of course), and I would recommend it even more to those who don’t have a clear an understanding about these issues!

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