Spotlight: The Show With No Actors

Places, please. The spotlight’s on you in this comedy, with the audience playing all the roles. Lights up, you’re on!

6 thoughts on “Spotlight: The Show With No Actors

  1. It was so much fun!! If you are an actor you will thoroughly enjoy being part of this show and if u are just an audience member you will really like the experience and opportunity this show provides! Great idea!

  2. A fantastic experience – I got to play as one the main actors and ham everything up, while my friend enjoyed the antics.

    The experience will definitely vary based on the audience, so bring friends who are ready and willing to put on a performance (or better yet, be one yourself)

  3. I absolutely loved this innovative and immersive idea for theatre. I was invited to be part of the show onstage, and it was a blast! Performers and the audience get a crash course in all the moving gears that put a show together. It was the most fun I’ve had in long time. I highly recommend bringing a few friends, it’s especially exciting if a few of you end up as part of the show! I had the joy of seeing one of my buddies roll across the stage as a tumbleweed, and fight space aliens! Definitely try to get out to this one for some hands-on theatre fun.

  4. Shelby Bond is always creating and taking chances. This is a new way of approaching interactive theatre that makes me want to shout out “Yes! Thank you for surprising and delighting us!”

  5. Shelby Bond is a safe bet for me. This time, however, there’s no actors. We entered the theatre as isolated, disparate people and after the show was over, we left in larger groups all talking to one another, because of the play we’d made together. Even from off stage, Shelby made the magic happen. Thank you!

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