Strokes of Genius

The Strokes of Genius (Dianna & Mitch) survived strokes in 2016. Their comedy pokes fun at health care, rehab, accessibility and stroke effects.

3 thoughts on “Strokes of Genius

  1. Funny, light hearted and true! A stroke survivor and this so true! Well done

  2. Two stroke survivors roll into the Fringe… It sounds like a discriminatory joke, but it’s happening at Venue 23: 188 Princess.
    STROKES OF GENIUS is a frustrated but (ultimately) comedic look at life after a stroke… and the challenges therein. Dianna Rasing & Mitch Krohn share stories from their time in treatment in a series of skits and parody commercial breaks (Pimp my Healthcare). It’s a hilarious look at life behind the hospital curtain.

  3. This show was a genuine surprise for me, which had a lot of heart. I enjoyed this show a lot more than I expected, with the final sketch leaving me with an ear worm for the next day or so. If you are looking to take a chance on a show this year, give this one a try. You will be surprised that even though a stroke might have inflicted the writers’ bodies, it wasn’t coming close to affecting their heart, spirit and outlook on life! Congratulations! Have a great run!!

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