The 500 List

2 Friends. 1,000 Songs. 3,000 Miles. Adventure, danger, heartache and joy abound in this true musical storytelling piece.

2 thoughts on “The 500 List

  1. Ryan is one of the most engaging story tellers that I’ve seen. His use of spoken word and music was just the right balance. I thoroughly enjoyed The 500 List. The hour went by much to quickly.

  2. Ryan Adam Wells nails it again with a moving and beautiful look at a cross country road trip with a dear friend, punctuated by so much laughter and wonderfully written songs.

    His writing, timing, and presentation are of the highest echelons of performers- not Fringe performers, but performers anywhere. This is a man who doesn’t belong at a Fringe, he belongs on a solo national tour of his own.

    An unquestionable 5 star show.

    Oh- and f**k ostriches!

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