The ADHD Project

A comedy about growing up a little bit “Special”. Enter Carlyn’s world of chaos, creativity and combat with her mind.

3 thoughts on “The ADHD Project

  1. In Carlyn Rhamey’s “The ADHD Project”, comes a grand little story filled with joyfulness, laughter, and a whole bundle of many emotions which will leave you feeling special.

    Anyone who has been faced by the cruelness of society and stigma due to mental illness, a disorder, or really any mishap in life must see this inspirational piece. No matter the situation or the feeling that fills the atmosphere, Carlyn always seems to make the audience howl with laughter so effortlessly.

    Using props, home videos, and herself, she was able to create and share her touching life story, living with ADHD. Teaching that even if you are born a bit odder than the “normal” kids, you still have the right to shine and fell happiness.

    Certainly one of the most funniest shows, with a powerful message to give.


    Oliver (Royal MTC Teen Critic)

  2. Incredible! Anyone who has been affected by the stigma of learning disabilities needs to see this! Can’t say enough good things. Powerful, thought provoking and heartfelt.

  3. Funny and touching (but not a heavy show). Carlyn’s stage presence is excellent and the hour flew by, so I think even people not interested in mental health issues would enjoy it.

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