The After After Party

Jules and Fiona are best friends. That’s because no one else likes them.

8 thoughts on “The After After Party

  1. An amazing show! Funny and compelling from start to finish. These two fine performers deliver stellar performances across the board; a definite must see!

  2. Loved this show! Love a good belly laugh and with this show the belly laughs were many.

  3. The After After Party is so hilarious! I never stopped laughing throughout the whole show! Well done ladies! A definite must see!!

  4. From beginning to end The After After Party is non stop crying laughter! These girls put on a flawless show from costumes to sound to the script! I could watch it over and over and over again!

    • THANK U TESSA!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 #flawless #blessed #itsabanger xo Katey and Chey

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