The Beauty and the Lonely Beast

This new take on the classic story has new characters, songs, dances and unforgettable moments for the entire family to enjoy together.

5 thoughts on “The Beauty and the Lonely Beast

  1. Not sure what the “target” audience is, but neither myself or my 7-year old enjoyed this show. Personally, the one character that made me smile and even giggle at times is the “greedy” younger sister. From my perspective, this show looked more like a rehearsal (saw it on Thursday) rather than a polished performance. The only thing that caught my little girl’s attention was the fairy godmother’s pink dress with sparkles! She still talks about it. As much as she was captivated by “Aladdin” (saw it the day before at the same venue) for an entire hour, “Beauty and the Lonely Beast” did not do the trick for her. Maybe for older children?

  2. My kids did not love this show. And neither did my friends kids next to me. The highlight was very much the fairy godmother who was delightful and so talented and very much wasted in this presentation. Kudos also to Beauty and Beauty’s oldest sister. Unfortunately the younger sister had a garbled way of speaking that made many of her lines hard to understand and most of the funny lines of the play were lost in her delivery. The dads character acting choices just seemed weird and made my one child cringe. I think there are better options out there for your children but fairy godmother, please find yourself in another play soon….you were wonderful.

    • Dear Reena,

      This is an absolute terrible review which made absolutely no sense to us because we loved the show. Your review is mean spirited. We saw the show last night and our children loved it. So take all reviews with a grain of salt and judge this for yourself.

      • That’s kind of the point of the patron review, Oliver. I gave my opinion and that was my opinion. You give your opinion, and that is your opinion. People read the opinions, balance what they heard, and make a decision. If you only want to hear positivity, go to a fan page. If you want to hear peoples honest assessment of a play, read a review.

  3. My kids loved it!! My youngest is five and he sat throughout the whole thing. Highly recommended for families with young children 😉

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