The Comedy Illusions of Greg Wood

A high-quality show featuring humour, magic feats and hilarious audience participation. Magic was meant to be funny and enjoyed by everyone.

4 thoughts on “The Comedy Illusions of Greg Wood

  1. Just saw The Cause and was very entertaining…left me on the edge of my seat in laughter….a definate must see for everyone!!!!

  2. A fun show for everyone! Not a curse or offensive topic during the entire show!
    I went with my son and we both enjoyed it equally. If you like magic, go see this show!

  3. Hilarious, wildly entertaining, captivating, and heartwarming to boot.

    The Comedy Illusion of Greg Wood is some of the most fun you will have watching magic. From the mouth of Greg Wood himself, “Magic should be fun” and that’s what this show is – pure and simple fun.

    Part comedy show, part magic show, Greg Wood shows the best of both worlds with his 20 years of experience performing all over the world pairing his comic genius with bewildering magic. From card tricks to mind-blowing illusions, this show has it all!

    Behind the magic and hilarity is Greg Wood, a skillful orator and excellent storyteller, whose skill is on full display as he explores the history of magic internationally and locally with the Winnipeg found International Brotherhood of Magician.

    Funny, magical, and educational – The Comedy Illusions of Greg Wood is multifaceted and a ride for lovers of magic, comedy, and storytelling alike. This show will also warm your heart with its uplifting message about kindness and what it gives.

    – Reviewed by Janice Hu (MTC Teen Critic)

  4. Fantastic show. Great audience interaction. Made me laugh. Love the ending, very heart warming. Definitely a must see

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