The Fever

A privileged man experiences a crisis of conscience in the third world. This play challenges the most liberal of theater-goers.

6 thoughts on “The Fever

  1. Performer was more than able to handle an hours worth of dialogue but the show was not for me. I can appreciate that it gets people thinking but just not want I’m wanting in a Fringe show.

  2. Have to say the performer was good, but show was not for me. I appreciate the thought provoking ideology he was creating;however, the show needed to breathe. I do not understand the point of the light shining on the audience for a good portion of the show as it was hard on the eyes. In all, if you want something thought provoking, questioning your place in society and political this is your show.

  3. This one was surprising! Basically an old white man recounts the internal work that he has done to comprehend and accept his white privilege and ongoing complicity in systemic racism and oppression of the poor. He also acknowledges and dismantles some of the major lies we (white people) tell ourselves to justify injustice. Very compelling and oddly satisfying.

  4. Wow. Riveting performance by Pat O’Brien, showing us a ‘good man’ tortured by the inequities in his own life. Challenging material that kept me thinking long after I left the theatre. Must see!

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