The Great Pillow War of ’96

Summer 1996. Spice Girls. Butterfly clips. Jelly shoes. First Kiss. Blood. Destruction. War. Death. Need we say more?

8 thoughts on “The Great Pillow War of ’96

  1. As a 90’s kid that went to bible camp, this was highly relatable and fun. Great characterizations and prop work.

  2. It was cute!
    The company of girls all have their niche characters that are the same each year that is getting a little predictable but I’m not mad about it.
    Still highly recommend.
    Great venue! Seats were super comfy!

  3. A really funny play that has a creative way of showing what a girls experience is growing up mentally and physically! It’s relatable for everyone. I recommend it!

  4. I really enjoyed this high energy production. Put it on your lis of plays to see.

  5. A funny, nostalgic look at four girls growing up in the summer of 96. Throughly enjoyed this witty production. The music was great, 60 minutes flew by.

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