The Headliners

Join The Headliners for a night of music in a symphonic supernova that will be seen throughout the stars. Hopefully.

4 thoughts on “The Headliners

  1. Overrated. This play is best described as a bad Star Trek spoof where the characters of the Captain, Spock, and Scotty are played by three Stooges named Beethoven, Bach and Mozart. For a play that invokes their names, it could have better representations of their musical greatness. Their “humour” is best described as silliness. The notion of a monkey dying because it never occurred that it might take a longer than expected time to recover the safely landed vessel, is not really funny.

  2. A fantastic show. A thoughtful and funny take on fame and music and creativity and love. The three performers are incredibly talented and have great chemistry. An insightful take on communication and how we present ourselves to the world. It starts off a pretty straightforward comedy, but soon it becomes a much more complicated and nuanced narrative on life and fame.

    Go for the wacky premise, stay for the music and depth (and the Hamlet, monkey and philosophy jokes).

  3. Got the last ticket before they sold out. This is a show you don’t want to miss so order in advance or get there early. Only 43 seats in the house.
    The only downfall to this show is the temperature of their venue and maybe a little bit of a confusing story but overall phenominal. Duncan Cox is a phenominal musician and being supported by the beautiful voice of Ben Townsley and the unbeatable acting shown by Tanner Manson! These three boys know how to make a show, write extremely well done music and can make you laugh through all of it. Their chemistry is nothing you’ll see in any other cast in Fringe.

  4. This team is always a treat to watch. They have incredible chemistry and energy as performers and bring a huge amount of skill and talent to their work. Beautiful harmonies, original songs, and hilarious tangents about monkeys in space round out this comedy about three famous composers wanting their work to have meaning to an intergalactic audience. Get tickets early – this is one of the smaller venues at Fringe this year and is sure to sell out!

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